Lily Spa

Come as you are. We want you to stay - we want you to last. We want you to feel good. Pool, warm and cold tubs, sauna, steam bath, and quiet areas. Massages, treatments, and our own sauna master.
Lily Spa has carefully created the surroundings for you, space for your moments. Breathe. Listen. Enjoy. And breathe. Fruits and drinks, and water, lots of water, always water. Experience our chosen moments.

Our facilities


Lily Spa offers a variety of treatments from 50-80 minutes. Here you can find an exciting list of different massage- and facial treatments. Upon reservation or at specific times, you can experience long and short sauna rituals led by our team of sauna masters.

Spa packages

Lily Spa has collected our own circle of baths, saunas, and hot and cold pools.

Practical information

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Sun-Thu: 07.00-21.00

Fri - Sat: 07.00-23.00.

Gym: 24t

We want all visitors at Lily Spa to get the most out of the experience. You will see suggestions about "travels" you can embark on, get recommendations about how to use each facility, in which order to use them, and their effect.

16 years

Upon arrival you will receive a bathrobe, towels and slippers to be returned in containers upon departure. Swimwear is mandatory - you can bring your own, or you can purchace this at our Spa-shop.

- Diving and pool-play is not allowed

- It is not allowed to use phone, to film or photograph in Lily Spa

- You can purchase drink in Lily Spa (all rights) - it is not allowed to bring your own drinks.

- Clothings are mandatory in Lily Spa. Underwear is not allowed due to hygiene.

- Be considerate to other spa guests - most are there to relax

- Shower naked before baths. Shower before sauna and use of pool . Use soap and shampoo located in the shower.

- Use towel in our saunas and baths, so that your skin does not touch wood.

- In steam baths and saunas with tiled benches, please flush the bench with the water hose before and after use

- Personal belongings should be kept in lockers. Lily Spa is not responsible for theft, damages, or loss of property.

Each guest will receive a slot time. You will get information about this by e-mail in connection to your reservation.